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Application advice

Applicants should read this advice before making an application

Applications are welcomed

Applications for gifts, grants and loans are welcomed from individuals or their dependents who meet the criteria from anywhere around the world. Dependents of a deceased chemical engineer may also apply provided that evidence is available that shows he or she met the criteria.

Application process

Applications are administered by the trustees and the process requires:

  1. Registration – this is required before an application is made.
  2. Approval to make an application* (You will be issued with an unique approval code which must be quoted in your application.)
  3. Application (Please note that you will be able to edit and save your online application as you add supporting details and documents.)

NB the trustees prefer online applications but will accept written applications using this form. No other forms of application will be considered. See FAQs for further information.

Submission of application

Once an application has been received you will be contacted by email with an outcome from the Board of Trustees. The trustees meet regularly and you will be advised of the actual date of review with your receipt.

*Please note that applicants who ARE given permission to make an application to the Fund ARE NOT guaranteed that the support requested will be granted. Submissions from those who do not meet our criteria will be rejected and the applicant advised of the decision. Should the rejected applicant wish to make an appeal, they may do so, but the trustees will not enter into further correspondence without additional evidence that the criteria are met.

Possible outcomes from Board of Trustees review

  1. Approval of gifts, grants, loans or requests for other support. Confirmation of an offer of an award plus any conditions will be sent within five working days. Once these conditions are met, the support will be issued.
  2. Pending The trustees may request further information to substantiate the application. Confirmation of information required will be sent within two working days.
  3. Rejection If the application is for something precluded by the charity’s objectives eg for student living expenses or tuition fees, then an outright rejection will be issued within two working days. No further correspondence will be entered into with regards the application. In certain circumstances the application may be deferred.
  4. Deferral Applicants will be advised that the application has been successful and that an award may be approved at a future date. The applicant will be asked whether they would like their application to be considered again at the next Board meeting.

Conditions of support

All support offered (whether for gifts, grants, loans or requests for other support) will be granted subject to certain conditions. Where the support is continuing (eg monthly grants), regular review meetings will be agreed with beneficiaries to discuss any changes in circumstances. Should these changes mean that the award no longer meets the conditions of the grant then the support will be terminated.

Further advice regarding applications can be found in our frequently asked questions section or by calling us  on +44 (0)1788 578214.

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