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Applications are welcomed from chemical engineers and their dependents only

Supporting chemical engineers and their dependents

The quickest and preferred way of making an application for support is to apply online. However, it is recommended that applicants read our application advice before making an application.

Please note, that to ensure we only support applicants and their dependents who meet the trust’s criteria, we screen all initial requests prior to a full application being made. Successful initial requests will receive an email detailing the next step and giving access to the online application form within two working days.


Applications can also be made by post using this form.

Please complete and send to the trustees. Contact details can be found here.

Frequently asked questions

Please ensure that you read our frequently asked questions before making an application.

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Application advice

Applications for gifts, grants, loans, advice and support are welcomed from chemical engineers and their dependents. Find out more about the application process.

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Application criteria

Find out more about whether you meet the criteria.

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Formal application

If you have been issued with a submission code - please enter it here to make your application.

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